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We would like to introduce something today, which in our opinion, has a big financial potential.
 It is a project near Orlando and Kissemee, FL, on a 5.5 acre property approximately 30 miles from Orlando Airport
 a storage facility, or garages for various uses in different sizes to build.


It is planned to rent the Storage Facility to end consumers on a room basis in order to achieve long-term secured income 
and to sell the garages piece by piece as property to interested parties.
Unsold garages should be offered for rent.

I have been a Certified General Contractor for 20 years.
This allows me to realize the construction project structurally. The above
mentioned Ytong blocks stand for exceptional insulation values ​​and have in the US
an approval for a 4-hour fire protection rate. The high insulation value is in Florida
important, as it is intended to air-condition all premises.


It is planned to green the roof surfaces and to install solar panels.
Initial planning is based on the approximately 150 garages with a size of 700 sqft each
can be built. The construction costs are around $ 20 / sqft.
According to our research are selling prices of approximately $ 50,000 to $ 120,000 per unit
to reach.


As already mentioned, the storage facility in a size of 20000 square feed to 40000 square feed will be built on the remaining available areas.
The planning is carried out in such a way that the construction project is divided into individual construction phases
This should generate an income during the construction phase and limits the financial
burden to a minimum.

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